The Startup’s Guide to Creating Press Releases with ChatGPT: Cutting through the Noise

Raymond Yeh
5 min readNov 19, 2023


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As founders in the cutthroat ecosystem of startups, we grasp the vitality of a revelation. A press release can herald your innovations and achievements but crafting one that resonates amidst a digital torrent of news represents a nuanced challenge. Here is where the finesse of AI, particularly through platforms such as Wielded, becomes a game-changer.

Articulating your startup’s milestones with clarity that not only informs but captivates, requires a meticulous blend of narrative prowess and strategic cadence. The press release is your overture; it needs to strike the right chord upon the first read. But how does one traverse the distance from a blank page to a compelling announcement ready to dispatch to the media world?

Enter ChatGPT, OpenAI’s conversational AI, that startups can embrace to transform their press release process from daunting to fluid. By integrating a tool like ChatGPT into your workflow, and utilizing finely-tuned prompts — like those in Wielded’s Prompt Library — you can unleash the power of AI to articulate your announcement with precision and flair.

Building Your Press Release with ChatGPT

Consider the following meticulously tailored prompt as a foundation, which you can access through Wielded’s vast array of productive prompts designed to streamline your startup’s operations:

Using the Inverted Pyramid model and following the AIDA framework, help me draft a press release for my startup. Begin with a compelling headline that captures the essence of our latest significant milestone. Follow with today's date and the city where our company is headquartered.

Provide an introductory paragraph that covers the 5 Ws and H, setting the stage for the rest of the release. In the body, detail the announcement's background, present market implications, projected impact, and weave in a narrative that generates interest and desire around this development.

Include a quote from me, the startup founder, and if applicable, add a second quote from an industry expert or partner that supports our announcement. Conclude with a succinct boilerplate about our startup's vision and accomplishments, followed by a clear call to action for readers. Ensure that any reader knows exactly what steps they should take, whether it's visiting our website, signing up for a demo, or attending our launch event.

Layout of the press release:

## Step 1: Headline
Develop a strong headline that encapsulates the main announcement and draws attention.

## Step 2: Dateline
Include the release date and city of origin.

## Step 3: Introduction
Employ the Inverted Pyramid model to write the opening paragraph summarizing the press release's key message, incorporating the 5 Ws and H.

## Step 4: Body
Elaborate on the details, following the AIDA structure:
- **Attention**: Begin with a fact or statement that firmly holds the reader's interest.
- **Interest**: Provide additional facts and details that delve into the specifics of the announcement.
- **Desire**: Explain the implications and why the announcement matters, and how it affects the industry or target audience.
- **Action**: Clearly state what the startup wants the audience or media to do after reading the press release.

## Step 5: Quotes
Insert 1-2 impactful quotes from the startup's founders or relevant industry experts to add a human element and authority.

## Step 6: Boilerplate
Provide a brief description of the startup, its mission, and its achievements thus far.

## Step 7: Call to Action
Conclude with a call to action, telling the reader where they can find more information or what step they should take next.

## Step 8: Contact Information
List the contact details (name, phone number, email) for media inquiries.

End the press release with my contact information including full name, title, phone number, and email address for further inquiries. Use formal language with third-person perspective, ensuring the text remains concise and adheres to professional standards fitting a press release. Keep the total word count around 400-500 words for brevity and effectiveness.

Before we begin, you may start by asking me a series of questions to help you write this press release for me.

Watch how it’s being used here

Strategically, you walk through the essence of constructing a press release with an infusion of AI:

  1. Headline: Summon the potency of AI to craft a headline that not only reaches out but resonates.
  2. Dateline: Position the where and when, establishing the immediate context — an AI can ensure this aligns with the industry standards.
  3. Introduction: ChatGPT can apply the Inverted Pyramid model, distilling the essence into a gripping opening paragraph.
  4. Body: Following the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), ChatGPT elaborates on the announcement, maintaining interest and building towards a compelling call to action.
  5. Quotes: Insert powerful quotes that an AI has helped to render in the founder’s voice for authenticity.
  6. Boilerplate: Craft a meticulous recapitulation of your startup’s mission and achievements.
  7. Call to Action: Define the next step for the reader — a task AI can tailor to drive specific outcomes.

By anchoring the prompt above in ChatGPT, startup founders can create press releases that strike the delicate balance between informative and intriguing. The AI not only assists in composing the content but ensures the tonality, style, and format conform to what your narrative arc requires.

In the hands of a founder, AI and tools like Wielded are not mere conveniences — they are enablers, equalizers, and sometimes, the very edge needed to tip the scales toward visibility and impact. For those eager to dive into the boundless potential of AI-driven productivity, explore the prompts tailored for diverse needs at Wielded’s Prompt Library.

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