Unleashing Peak Productivity with ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions: The Wielded Way

Raymond Yeh
5 min readNov 25, 2023


In the realm of artificial intelligence, the introduction of ChatGPT has been nothing short of revolutionary, reshaping the landscape of productivity across diverse industries. However, where it truly shines is when users harness the potential of custom instructions.

Let’s explore the transformative power of custom instructions and how Wielded’s unique personas turn this feature into a productivity multiplier.

Understanding ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions

ChatGPT’s custom instructions are akin to a well-trained assistant who anticipates your needs. They pave the way for ChatGPT to recall your needs and preferences, seamlessly fitting into your workflow without the hassle of constant reminders.

Imagine the simplicity of interacting with a tool that remembers you’re a third-grade science teacher or a developer enamored with concise, non-Python code.

The Productivity Multiplier: Custom Instructions Profiling

Leveraging custom instructions can significantly multiply productivity. They act as your digital playbook, allowing consistent, rapid, and contextually rich interactions.

For instance:

  • Marketers can keep their SEO tactics sharp and avoid repetition.
  • Project managers can assure alignment with organizational guidelines.
  • Content creator can maintain a consistent tone of voice across different written articles.

Tapping into an Array of Custom Instructions

Identifying what custom instructions to use is paramount to enhancing efficiency. Options range from specifying language preferences to automating complex task sequences.

The beauty lies in the tailored experience, ensuring every interaction is precisely what you need.

The Art of Crafting Effective Custom Instructions

To harness the full potential of ChatGPT, understanding how to write high-quality custom instructions is vital.

These directives should encompass two fundamental aspects: context and output format.

Context: Setting the Scene for ChatGPT

When setting context, it’s about painting a picture of who you are, the goal of your task, and your target audience.

This background information guides ChatGPT to align with your needs more effectively. For a content writer, this involves detailing the type of content, its purpose, and the reader’s perspective.

Output Format: Shaping Your Results

Output format directs the structure and presentation of ChatGPT’s output.

Whether you need a detailed table, a concise list, or special formatting like markdown, specifying this ensures you receive information in the most useful way.

For programmers, this might mean specifying a coding language or the level of detail required in explanations.

Putting that Together for a Quality Context Instruction

Consider a SEO specialist named Alex, who is writing an authoritative Medium article about “The Future of Renewable Energy” for industry professionals and environmentally conscious readers.

Alex would also specify the desired output format to ensure the article meets Medium’s style and formatting guidelines.

Combining both context and output instructions:

I'm an SEO specialist with a focus on creating high-quality, authoritative content for digital marketing. My goal is to produce articles that establish my expertise, cater to both industry professionals and eco-conscious readers, and generate valuable backlinks.

Points to remember for tasks:
1. Every piece of content should be informed by my understanding of digital marketing trends and SEO best practices, aimed at a savvy audience that values depth and insight.
2. While crafting content, I readily switch between detailed SEO analyses, thought leadership pieces, and engaging social media posts.

When creating or adapting any content:
- Use a tone that's professional yet accessible, offering actionable advice.
- Incorporate relevant keywords naturally, enhancing readability and search engine visibility.
- Present data or concepts in a clear, structured manner that's easy to follow, whether it's through lists, tables, or succinct paragraphs.

Remember to employ Markdown formatting for consistency and clarity, with a keen eye on keeping the content focused and within a 1500-word limit.

By using these elements, custom instructions transform ChatGPT’s output into a focused, relevant tool for the task at hand, streamlining Alex’s content creation process.

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Enabling Custom Instructions on ChatGPT

To activate custom instructions, go to your settings on the web or mobile and unlock this feature.

  • On web: click on your name in the lower-left corner -> Custom instructions.
  • On iOS and Android: go to Settings -> Account -> turn on Custom instructions.

It’s a small tweak with enormous implications for your productivity.

Harnessing Wielded’s Persona to Manage Custom Instructions

Example of different personas for a Digital Marketer

Wielded propels the concept of custom instructions forward with something truly innovative — personas.

These personas store and switch between custom instruction sets, enabling you to maintain context and work in multiple domains without breaking stride.

Crafting Your Persona

Creating a persona within Wielded is effortless:

  1. Select the “Persona” option on the sidebar.
  2. Hit “Create a Persona”.
  3. Name and describe your persona for quick identification.
  4. Input custom instructions unique to the persona.

By doing so, each interaction with ChatGPT is like greeting an old friend who knows you well — saving time and energy.

Persona and Productivity: A User Narrative

Let us take John, a digital marketing expert, who often hops between SEO keyword research and crafting engaging LinkedIn posts.

By creating personas for each task in Wielded, John maintains full context, packaging his entire workflow into neat, switchable profiles.

This context retention means he can transition without losing momentum or productivity — a true game-changer.

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Conclusion: Personalize Your Productivity with Wielded

Wielded doesn’t just give you a tool; it gives you your tool, tailored and tuned to your unique working style. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all AI and hello to a customized productivity partner.

Discover how Wielded helps you multiply your productivity with custom instruction profiles and personas, ensuring that your work with ChatGPT remains as dynamic and versatile as you are. Try it now and experience the future of personalized productivity.

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Let Wielded’s personas and custom instructions profile be the catalyst for your team’s productivity renaissance. Witness the power firsthand — because with the right tools, the possibilities are limitless.