Turning User Research into Sales & SEO Gold with ChatGPT

Raymond Yeh
4 min readDec 1, 2023
Mine insights from unstructured data

Are you a startup founder buried in user research interviews without a clear path to actionable insights?

Extracting sales and SEO strategies from stacks of interview transcriptions can seem daunting, but what if you could use artificial intelligence to mine these conversations for gold?

Welcome to our latest discussion on how ChatGPT prompts can transform your SEO research and bolster your sales game.

Harnessing user research interviews is more than just conversation — it’s about uncovering the essence of your target customers’ needs, pain points, and preferences.

The Gold Rush in User Research Interviews

The qualitative data each user interview offers is invaluable. Yet, even the seasoned pros face hurdles when converting this wealth of information into sterling SEO and sales strategies:

  • Data Overload: Piles of transcripts can overwhelm even the sharpest minds.
  • Interpretive Bias: Qualitative data analysis is subjective, leading to varied insights.
  • Funnel Focus: Pinpointing keywords for all stages of the buyer’s journey is an art.
  • Strategic Application: Shifting from “good to know” to “how to grow” isn’t a given.

Mining for Insights with ChatGPT

In searching for those actionable nuggets, a systematic approach with ChatGPT prompts can streamline the process from interview to SEO domination.

Step 1: Analyze the Transcripts
Dive into the interview transcripts and highlight the terminologies and topics customers emphasize.

Step 2: Construct the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Organize your findings into categories like needs, pain points, and goals, distilling insightful profiles to inform your strategies.

Step 3: Formulate Your Value Proposition
Spotlight the striking aspects of your offerings that respond directly to the customer’s articulated or implied needs.

Step 4: Refine and Name Your Personas
When analyzing user descriptions, blend those insights into your keyword strategy and brand messaging, optimizing for both human touch and search engine reach.

Step 5: Strategic Keyword Selection
Choose your SEO keywords with precision, mapping your ICPs’ language to SEO best practices, capturing the full customer journey from awareness to purchase decision.

A guide to turn interviews into SEO insights can be found here, exemplifying how these steps are applied practically using Wielded.

Here’s a sample extract of a ChatGPT-assisted brainstorm session that demonstrates the power of this approach:

Read the full sample conversation and its valuable extracted insights here.

Here’s also the prompt you can use to get started with insights extraction with ChatGPT:

[Context on your business]

You are a SEO expert who is consulting me on creating content to drive conversion on my product for the target customer. I'll provide an interview transcript with a target and I need you to present the ICP report on the target and then subsequently a list of potential search keyword that people similar to the target could be searching online during the entire funnel journey from awareness to action.

[Step 1] When presented with an interview transcript, i need you to print the detailed ICP with the following columns in a table, for points that are not found in the transcript directly, append `(inferred)` to point:
- User needs/goals
- Pain Point
- Goals & Aspirations
- Opportunities
- Ways that my company can potentially be useful

Note: Do not use html tag in markdown table.

[Step 2] Using information from the transcript, suggest ways that the target would use to describe themselves when fine-tuning search results for themselves online. Suggest at least 5. Print it in a table:
- Description
- Verbatim from transcript to support

[Step 3] Using information from the ICP, brainstorm what are some of the search keywords that I need to optimise for for people like the target user to discover us. Print it in the table below with the following columns, give me at least 30:
- Task trying to accomplished
- Search terms
- Verbatim from transcript to support

Interview Transcript:

[Interview Transcript]

From Insights to Implementation

The extracted data from ChatGPT not only fuels your SEO tactics but directly influences your content creation. A marketer, for instance, can shift from SEO research to crafting LinkedIn posts seamlessly, all while maintaining full contextual understanding.

Wielded allows you to arm each team member with the power of GPT-4, boosting overall productivity and maintaining cost-effective solutions for the entire team under one billing system.

To find out more about deploying ChatGPT across your organization and unlocking enterprise productivity, visit our in-depth guide here.

Transforming user research into concrete SEO and sales efforts doesn’t have to be an exhausting undertaking. With the right tools and strategies in place, you can effortlessly pivot dense data into actionable insights, curated content, and a crystal-clear understanding of your target market.

Explore how Wielded’s custom personas and ChatGPT can enhance your team’s workflow, head over to Wielded and embark on your journey towards data-driven decision making!