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Raymond Yeh
Decentralized finance has just redefined “farming”

Decentralized finance has been quite the hype for the past few months and I’ve finally decided to get my feet wet two weeks ago after my friend repeatedly prompted me to. Here’s what I’ve learned after losing ~$5000 on yield farming.

Yield Farming

Yield farming is one of the must-do in the defi space right now. The concept allows one to stake some token, usually liquidity providers’ tokens, in a smart contract and be rewarded some native tokens for it. There are multiple forks and clones of farming applications. To list a few:

Over the last two weeks…

Do you know the risk?

Yield farming is the newest kid around the block in the decentralized finance (Defi) space right now. With interest rates (or yield, or APY) over 100% on every other projects, one might overlook the level of risk associated with investing in Defi projects.

In fact, that was how I lost $5000 a couple of weeks ago

Unlike investing in traditional financial products, Defi investors are not protected any laws and rules around traditional securities market. Instead, in the wild wild west blockchain space, where code is law, investors are expected to do-your-own-research (DYOR).

But, how many investors understood the…

Hey, I think I might be depressed

Image by David Marcu

“Hey, I think I might be depressed.”

I said that to my wife one day as I looked up the different signs of depression.

Hopeless outlook? Check.

Loss of interest? Check.

Fatigue and sleep problems? Check.

Anxiety? Check.

Irritability? Yep, my wife can attest to that.

What doesn’t make sense is… “How, and why, am I depressed? After all, I probably have what everyone else asked for.

In terms of career, it’s probably one of the most fulfilling ones out there. I’m helping shape the future of trade at an international level. I’ve launched some large-scale projects that I’m super…

You are being watched (Photo by Justice Amoh)

Introduction to POH

Proof of Humanity is a great project to create a Sybil-resistant registry of humans. By ensuring each human gets registered to the registry at most once, the project can become a core infrastructure for applications that are more vulnerable to Sybil attacks in the decentralized world. One such use case is to prevent dishonest funding activities on Gitcoin which uses a quadratic funding model which is vulnerable to Sybil attacks.

The cherry on top of the registry is getting a free Universal Basic Income (UBI) token dripped to your wallet every hour for just being a human on that registry!

The Problem

Photo by NASA

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) platforms are emerging from the decentralization movement citing how they will replace the traditional Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) model where Certificate Authorities (CAs) are in charge of controlling the identities, but that will not be the case unless our society becomes more egalitarian. Until then, a hybrid of centralized and decentralized identity systems that are localized shall prevail.

The innovation of SSI ends at where users are allowed to generate their identifier which is often the public key of an asymmetric key pair. …

Photo by Ryan Stone

“Don’t tell me what to do, just show me your portfolio”

That is what Nassim Nicholas Taleb said in his book Skin in the Game to anyone in the business of advising what others should invest in. If you trust the advisers’ judgment, you will copy his portfolio. This means perfect skin in the game for the adviser.

In this post, I share the list of tools, products, and services that I’ve been using for myself and the rationale behind using them. It covers everything from a savings account, credit card, brokerage, cryptocurrency exchange, mortgage, and even utility account.


Money Mindset

Financial bloggers don’t have all the answers

Photo by @dinoreichmuth

You’ve probably read many articles about ditching the $5 coffee, getting the right brokerage, bank, utility account, etc., and buying the right stocks. This article will tell you if you want to reach financial independence; ignore those articles.

When I first started on my path to financial freedom, I mistook financial freedom as a destination. That it can simply be defined as having 25x my annual expenditure. Looking back, financial freedom is more a journey than a destination.

True financial freedom comes from the freedom to do the things I like whenever I like. …

Photo by @seffen99

When writing code, it is not only important that the code does what it is supposed to do, but also incapable of not doing anything that it’s not supposed to do. For smart contracts which live on forever on the blockchain, this cannot be more true. Those who fail to understand this get rekted.

Many tools exist to help smart contract developers make sure that the code is functioning correctly, but few are as powerful as analyzing your smart contracts with symbolic execution.

What’s Symbolic Execution?

Symbolic execution is a method of executing a program abstractly so that it covers multiple execution paths…

Credits to Maria Krisanova (@mkrisanova)

You feel a sense of disgust when your mum or spouse looking into your phone, but why is it that it’s alright for internet companies or your country to do the same?

What is it that makes us feel repulsive when your parent looks into your phone?

The answer is simple.

You didn’t wanted to be judged - because you do not share the same opinions as your parents.

Perhaps you didn’t want them to know that you are dating, for fear that they might influence you in your ability to make decisions on who to date.

Perhaps you think…

Following the discussion on how Zero-knowledge Proof (ZKP) can be used in the field of civic technologies (CivicTech) and specifically how it can be used by different NGOs to coordinate food distribution to the food insecured, I’ve embarked on creating a demo application to showcase how it can be done as part of my fellowship with RadicalXChange Foundation.

VeilOS is the result of a few weeks of work to achieve the following through a proof-of-concept implementation:

  1. Uncover any technical & non-technical limitations to ZKP or privacy preserving applications
  2. Put a…

Raymond Yeh

Blockchain Engineer @ GovTech Singapore. Writes about personal finance, risk management & decentralized finance.

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